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The DPNM Rural Caucus speaks for communities located outside the major metropolitan areas of New Mexico. Our supporters include small town business folks, farmers, ranchers, teachers, first responders, mechanics, engineers, and artists, as well as retirees, college students, and families with kids still living at home.


Our Executive Committee includes dedicated and resourceful individuals all working together to find more creative and effective ways to make a real difference in the lives of our neighbors who live and work outside urban areas.

DPNM Rural Caucus Executive Committee   2023-2025

Chair:  Evelyn Vinogradov

Vice Chair: Henry Roybal, Former Santa Fe County Commissioner

Treasurer: Amy Noriega

Secretary: Torres Leyba, Former Mayor of Meadow Lake, NM

SCC Members: Amy Noriega, Torres Leyba

CD-1 At-Large Member: Harold "Spike" Murphree

CD-2 At-Large Member: Mona Trempe

CD-3 At-Large Member: Isaac Dakota Casados

Chair of Rules and By-Laws Committee: Bill Raynovich

Chair of Platform and Messaging Committee: Stefi Weisburd

Chair of Voter Registration and Education: Torres Leyba

Chair of Membership: Carol Young

Chair of Finance: Russell Wilson

Rural Caucus Platform may be viewed at this link

Rural Caucus Bylaws may be viewed at this link

The caucus has a brochure that we distribute at events

Thanks to "in-house" printing (by Bill Raynovich) we can provide some general info to the public.

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The DPNM Rural Caucus is Affiliated with:
“Rural Strong”


President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Democrats are making unprecedented investments in rural America to help us build homegrown prosperity together. The Democratic Party is committed to strengthening our party, working with rural Americans to deliver results and to build power from the ground up. While Democrats are working to ensure our communities thrive and to build a better America, together, we will also hold Republican lawmakers accountable for standing in the way of progress.

Historic investments are being made through the American Rescue Plan and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. These once-in-a-generation federal investments from both the administration and the Democrats in Congress show that building homegrown prosperity together is a priority.

Overview of Some Investments Focused On Rural America

  • A$350 billion in state and local funding that is helping make critical investments in 3,000 counties and 30,000 small towns through grants to counties and local governments.

  •  $198 million for competitive grants to rural community colleges and universities that serve a high percentage of low-income students in rural communities.  

  • $65 billion to make high-speed internet available to all Americans. 

  • $55 billion in water and wastewater infrastructure.  

  • $3.5 billion to improve home energy efficiency for low-income families, reducing energy costs, improving household comfort and safety, and cutting pollution.

  • Nearly $1 billion in loan guarantees to back private investment in processing and food supply infrastructure that will strengthen the food supply chain for the American people and create jobs in rural communities.

  • USDA committed $1.5 billion in funds from the Commodity Credit Corporation to help schools make direct food purchases and access food purchased by USDA and will also invest in cooperative agreements with state and Tribal governments to purchase foods from local underserved producers.

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