DPNM Rural Caucus Executive Committee

Chair: Peter Nieto, Mayor of Mountainair

Vice Chair: Evelyn Vinogradov

Treasurer: Amy Noriega

Secretary: Stacie Evelo

SCC Member: Torres Leyba

CD-1 At-Large Member: Andy Ray

CD-2 At-Large Member: Frances Gonzales

CD-3 At-Large Member: Gary King

Chair of Rules and By-Laws Committee: Bill Peifer

Chair of Platform and Messaging Committee: Stefi Weisburd

Chair of Voter Registration and Education: Torres Leyba

Chair of Membership: Bill Raynovich

Chair of Finance: Kevin Pohl

Rural Caucus Updates

The Rural Caucus Executive Committee has been meeting via Zoom once a month since April, 2021. In August our guest speaker, DPNM Chairwoman Jessica Velasquez spoke about the DNC at the NATIONAL level, reporting that it is gearing up its rural outreach. This effort will begin with an organized and FUNDED voter outreach initiative. Stay tuned!
The Executive Committee is rounding out with only a few vacancies left to vote on. 
The Rural Caucus will be hosting the upcoming DPNM Rural Summit, tentatively scheduled for early December, 2021. Brainstorming is underway for that. Watch this space!